Healing Enrichment Renewal

I am an ever-evolving woman and I am elated about where I am right now. 

I have raised a family. I am a wife, a daughter, an entrepreneur, and so much more.  
My spiritual journey has blossomed and I am looking at the world through a different set of eyes.  While our lives belong to God, He has given us the ability to choose either chaos or beauty. I choose beauty.

RestoreHer is my newest movement created by me to reconnect women with themselves; their best selves. I am dedicated to bringing about healing enrichment, enlightenment., and renewal for women.

Each gathering, whether through a retreat, a conference, group or one on one coaching is about enriching women and connecting them mind, body and soul. It’s all providing a safe place for women to understand the true essence and vitality of self-care and healing. To help them understand that it is not only okay, it is necessary.

My desire is that in these intimate settings women can find a space to unwind and disconnect from the mundane. I want to remind women that  it is never too late to have dreams, it is never too late to grow, it is never too late to live the life you were created to live. 


To help women find restoration in their health, identity, spirit, relationships, finances, and purpose. 
To see women all across the world renew their goals and find holistic renewal
7 Key Areas of Restoration
RestoreHer Identity
RestoreHer Spirit
RestoreHer Emotions
RestoreHer Purpose/Passion
RestoreHer  Heallth
RestoreHer Finances
RestoreHer Relationships